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Stepan Motejzik

Stepan Motejzik

Why China Matters Now, More Than Ever

Theme: Intercultural Management | Dec. 11, 2017

Chinese firms continue to expand aggressively abroad, competing fiercely with incumbent heavy weights in a growing number of industries. China expert Shaun Rein identifies the key drivers, predominant sectors and human resource implications of unprecedented international growth by state-owned and privately held Chinese corporations in an interview with IRC Institute.
Sylvia MacArthur

Sylvia MacArthur

Leadership Beyond Borders at Toys “R” Us

Theme: Intercultural Management | Nov. 8, 2017

Monika Merz used deft leadership and pragmatic innovation to change the game for Toys “R” Us in Canada, Japan and across the Asia Pacific region. Her story, relayed by IRC Canada President Sylvia MacArthur, tells of the fearless and direct management style that took her across the globe armed with compassion, adaptability and resolve.
Raj Kumar Paramanathan
Manish Mehta

Raj Kumar Paramanathan Manish Mehta

ASEAN Leadership Development Pays Dividends for Global Pharma

Theme: Intercultural Management | Oct. 30, 2017

As business leaders look beyond national borders for growth opportunities abroad, few overlook Asia, given its size and demographics. The world’s most populous continent, Asia is home to 48 nations, each with unique cultural attributes and distinct business practices.
Rania Abdalla

Rania Abdalla

Green Shoots of Arab Spring

Theme: Intercultural Management | Oct. 9, 2017

Skilful business leaders mitigate the negative impacts of economic instability by taking proactive measures that encourage growth. The debilitating mind-set of “staying afloat” in crisis is replaced by a mantra of efficiency, innovation and renewal.
Tiina Miettinen
Sanna Leppaluoto

Tiina Miettinen Sanna Leppaluoto

How Fingrid Nurtures a Dynamic Expert Organisation

Theme: Intercultural Management | Sept. 18, 2017

Fingrid has found a formula to attract top talent and elicit optimal performance from its workforce. Professional development opportunities are intrinsic to the job. Consistent efforts to establish and reaffirm core values of fairness, efficiency, transparency and responsibility have made it one of Finland’s leading places to work. IRC Finland’s Sanna Leppäluoto takes stock of the company’s tireless pursuit of an open, regenerating and target-oriented working community culture.
Richard Boot OBE DL
Graham Smith
Ian Squires

Richard Boot OBE DL Graham Smith Ian Squires

Aston Martin – Driving A Cultural Change

Theme: Intercultural Management | March 7, 2017

Aston Martin is one of the most iconic brands in the automotive world and it is now on a journey unlike any it has ever made – from being solely a producer of glamorous and very high-end motor cars to becoming a luxury company with a lifestyle product range. In this interview, Aston Martin’s boss describes the strategic and cultural shifts he is engineering in what he calls ‘the never-ending pursuit of excellence.’
Niamh O'Driscoll

Niamh O'Driscoll

Winning Hearts and Minds: A Universal Approach to Leadership

Theme: Intercultural Management | Oct. 22, 2016

Ireland's Life Sciences sector has grown from humble beginnings in the 1960s to global significance. The small island with a population of 4.5m has attracted nine out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical corporations. Ireland is today the world’s eighth-largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of pharmaceutical products.
Rohan Carr

Rohan Carr

Executive Retention: Getting Your Best to Stay

Theme: Intercultural Management | March 22, 2016

What is it that keeps senior employees engaged in their current organisation? What makes them stay despite other opportunities that might come their way? Is it the organisation’s culture, the people, money or something else? A comprehensive study of Australian executives was conducted as part of IRC Australia director Rohan Carr’s doctoral thesis. It was based on extensive interviews with a broad range of executives exploring factors retaining or likely to retain them in their current organisations.
Rita Kaufmann-Linke

Rita Kaufmann-Linke

A New Global Thought Leadership Community Is Born

Theme: Intercultural Management | March 1, 2016

Rita Kaufmann-Linke, CEO of the IRC Institute Global Executive Board, expounds on the rationale, drivers and objectives behind the launch of the IRC Institute and its contribution to leadership excellence.
Ivan Yardley

Ivan Yardley

The Fourth Wave of Knowledge Exchange

Theme: Intercultural Management | Feb. 25, 2016

The international and domestic social and economic environment is increasingly complex and volatile. The past hundred years have seen enormous changes in almost every aspect of our lives, and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly.

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