Tiina Miettinen

Tiina Miettinen is a member of the executive management group at Fingrid, a Finnish company responsible for electricity transmission in the high-voltage transmission system in Finland. Miettinen's areas of responsibility include Fingrid's HR and communications management. She has been working for the company for about ten years after working in real estate and labour politics.

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Tiina Miettinen
Sanna Leppäluoto

Tiina Miettinen Sanna Leppäluoto

How Fingrid nurtures a dynamic expert organisation

Theme: Intercultural Management | Sept. 18, 2017

Fingrid has found a formula to attract top talent and elicit optimal performance from its workforce. Professional development opportunities are intrinsic to the job. Consistent efforts to establish and reaffirm core values of fairness, efficiency, transparency and responsibility have made it one of Finland’s leading places to work. IRC Finland’s Sanna Leppäluoto takes stock of the company’s tireless pursuit of an open, regenerating and target-oriented working community culture.