Oliver Hill

Oliver Hill works as a financial journalist, travel writer and documentary filmmaker. He is editor at TTR - Transactional Track Record (www.TTRecord.com), a Madrid-based business intelligence service and author of a print and online travel guide, Moon Jamaica (www.moonjamaica.com), published by Avalon Travel. The guide features the best leisure, entertainment, food and accommodations in Jamaica. Olivers latest film, La Rumba Me Llama (Rumba Calling), celebrates the evolution and cultural relevance of Cubas most representative musical form.

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Oliver  Hill

Oliver Hill

The World Is Flat

Theme: Intercultural Management | Feb. 20, 2016

It’s no small achievement that successful multinational corporations make products that engender loyalty and become household names throughout the world. A flawless go-to-market strategy convinces consumers in multiple countries that those brands are, in essence, local, tailored to their tastes and designed to meet their needs. Understanding cultural nuances and engaging diverse populations the world over is key to getting it right and distinguishes international corporations from their truly global peers.